My method

Polish for foreigners online at VerbisOnline – this is what you can be sure of if you study Polish online with me.

You will learn to speak Polish.

You start to speak Polish during the first lesson. I believe that we know a foreign language only as much as much as we are able to use it in practice. It is great if you can fill in a gap with the correct form of a word (I will teach you this) but in real life it is never enough. During my lessons of Polish for foreigners online you are going to practice the usage of each new form so that you will be able to speak Polish, not some day in the future but today. This does not mean though that I speak only Polish to you and I observe how stressed you are and wait to see if you manage (or not). At the beginner level I don’t apply the total immersion method. English is gradually eliminated from early on in the lessons.

I focus on effective communication so at the start I don’t teach anything that you can readily do without. This will come later on. First you learn material that will allow you to survive among Poles quite comfortably (Survival Polish). Only grammar that is essential at this level is incorporated.

I have tested many foreign language study methods during many years of teaching and studying and I have arrived at many different conclusions about them. I have formulated my own methods as well which I will be happy to share with you.

You become acquainted with real Polish and difficult material will be explained in simple language.

I want you to speak Polish, for you to do the shopping in a small local shop and have no problems in asking questions. It is not essential for you at this point to know all the professional linguistic terms or to speak better Polish than Poles do. You will learn to speak correct but also natural Polish, compatible with real contemporary Polish. I will not overwhelm you with patriotism and I don’t claim that Polish is the most important language in the world. Of course I will also help you if you become fascinated with it and one day you desire to study Polish philology. I teach as I like to be tought myself, with a plan, substantively, pragmatically and with a sense of humour.

You work a lot with materials to study Polish for foreigners developed by me

and which are not accessible anywhere else. As they are the answers to my students’ needs (who are at different levels both of their Polish language knowledge and their level of interest 🙂 I am constantly developing new ones. I don’t blindly follow any student books. I choose from them only what is needed at your particular level. I am up to date with all the new books to study Polish that are published so if anything valuable appears on the market you can be sure you will use it during your lessons.

You do not sign any long-term contracts.

You are not committing yourself to study for one year or even half. Depending on the study mode you choose you are in no way obliged to take more than 2 lessons. The maximum time of your commitment is around 1 month. After that time you continue the lessons of Polish for foreigners online as you choose but you are not obliged to. You study with me as long as you see results and as long as you are satisfied. I run a very small business because this is what I have decided to do. Thanks to it during my Polish lessons I offer quality, not quantity and I guarantee the lessons accomplish their promises. My students trust in me, we work in a friendly atmosphere and together we achieve the intented goals much sooner.

We analyse your progress in Polish.

I give homework and I check if you learn. But rest assured I do it in a friendly manner and only if you wish!

Before you start your Polish for foreigners online course we will meet for a short free consultation on Skype.

You will tell me why do you need Polish and I will explain to you how and what I teach. After that meeting you decide if you want to start Polish lessons with me. After the initial consultation you are in no way under any obligation!