What is included in the price?

All teaching materials (apart from the student’s book which is not always necessary).

I correct all your homework outside of class time. During the lessons we only discuss possible errors and I resolve your doubts.

If you wish, you may do progress tests. I will correct them outside the lessons (the above system).

If you so require, during class time, I will help you to write or correct your texts in Polish or to fill in any Polish documents.

If required, you will recieve a certificate confirming that you are studying or have studied Polish.

You can be assured of my total commitment and support.

Scheduled lessons

2 lessons / week (1 x 90 minutes) 70 PLN / 45 minutes

4 lessons / week (2 x 90 minutes) 60 PLN / 45 minutes

Flexible lessons

85 PLN / 45 minutes

Lessons on demand

100 PLN / 45 minutes

Intensive lessons

The price depends on the type and number of lessons. Please contact me.

Polish for specific purposes

Polish exam preparation

Above prices + 20 PLN to each lesson