Let’s start!

Step 1: Choose one of the following Polish language classes modes.

Decide which mode is most suited to you.
Lesson duration is 45 minutes. A standard meeting duration is 90 minutes (2 lessons).

Mode 1: SCHEDULED POLISH language classes

You have Polish language classes on a regular basis, at a scheduled time fixed in advance. We meet once (1 x 90 minutes) or twice (2 x 90 minutes) a week. Intensive lessons with a discount are also available (please see below).
You are kindly asked to pay 1 month of lessons in advance.
You are allowed to change the date of the 25% of the lessons scheduled in a month (but no later than 24 hours prior to that particular lesson).

Mode 2: FLEXIBLE POLISH Language classes

You study only when you have the time.
There are no fixed, prearranged days or times in the week.
An exact class time will be arranged on an ongoing basis, 48 hours at the latest prior to the lesson.
You are asked to pay a package of 16 Polish language classes in advance (8 meetings of 2 lessons each), to be used within the following 3 months.
You are allowed to cancel a scheduled lesson (but no later than 24 hours prior to the lesson) and to have it at a different time (within the 3 month period).

Mode 3: POLISH Language classes ON DEMAND

You are asked to pay only 2 lessons in advance (1 meeting of 90 minutes). The exact time of the lesson will be arranged on an ongoing basis, 48 hours proir to the lesson at the latest.
You are allowed to cancel a scheduled lesson (but no later than 24 hours prior to the lesson) and to reschedule the lesson (within the following 14 days).
These Polish language classes are for you if:
→ you don’t want to study on a regular basis;
→ you don’t want any commitment;
→ you want to learn only one particular issue or only practice it;
→ you need only occasional conversations.

Mode 4: INTENSIVE POLISH language classes online

Do you wish to speak Polish very soon and to see your progress quickly? Are you planning to take an exam and get a certificate of Polish in the near future and you wish to prepare for it? I recommend you choose intensive Polish language classes. We meet at least 3 times a week, each session lasts 90 minutes. Please note that intensive lessons do not always mean productive and that if not well adjusted they may, in some cases, prove counter-productive. Studying must first and foremost always be effective and this depends on many different factors. Contact me, describe your situation and I will help you to choose the best intensity for your Polish language classes.

Step 2: Choose one of the following Polish language classes type:


If you are going to be in Poland for longer period of time or to be in regular contact with Poles in the future, these are the Polish language classes for you. If you are at the beginner level you will first have Survival Polish leesons (see below). General Polish differs from Survival Polish in the depth and breadth of material. Simply put, at the start we work on the same material but in General Polish lessons the scope is broader right from the very start.

If you know some Polish already I will test your level first and then we will arrange a plan for further study adjusted to your needs and purposes.


If you wish to learn only the basics of Polish needed to ”survive” and you know in advance that you are not going to continue studying, these are the Polish language classes for you. The Survival Polish course will lead you through typical communicational situations of every day life. After the course you will be able to speak Polish while forming new relationships, doing shopping, visiting restaurants, asking for help, emergencies and many others. You will obtain basic knowledge about Polish social culture, what is well and what is not well seen in Poland. You will also learn how Poles differ from other nationalities and some facts that may surprise you. Grammar during the Survival Polish classes is reduced to the required minimum. The duration of the course depends on your needs and purposes. Of course, later, you can always change your mind and continue your Polish language classes!


Do you need Business Polish classes? Are you studying Medicine in Polish? Or it may be that you need any other specific Polish language? Do not hesitate to contact me. Describe your situation to me. I will do my best to help you.


Are you planning to take an exam and obtain a certificate in Polish? I will help you prepare for it. During the Polish language classes you will practice all the skills that are assessed during the exam, that is: reading, listening, writing and speaking. You will work on your grammatical accuracy.