About courses

We offer classes to both corporate and private clients.

We teach at all levels (A1-C2).

Client customer service will be conducted in both Polish and English.

For those wishing to take the elementary level course, only a basic knowledge of English is required. The initial lessons (so called ”from zero”) are conducted in English. However, from the very beginning Polish is systematically introduced and will comprise half of the class.

We believe that it is never too late and never too early to start learning languages. Therefore, people of all ages and all nationalities are invited to our courses. For the most part the student body is comprised of Europeans – very often Germans, Dutch, Spaniards and French. Nevertheless, the demand for learning Polish goes further than European borders and we also have the pleasure of teaching, for example, American citizens. The largest group of our students consists of people that have decided to live and work in Poland but they are not alone. The other significant group of course participants includes people that are in Poland temporarily either on business contracts or to study. We very often teach people that are sentimentally attached to Poland – they have either roots in Poland or a Polish boyfriend/husband or girlfriend/wife.

Before you begin any of our courses we offer a free and completely non-committal meeting with a teacher (approximately 45 minutes) and if you already have prior experience with the language your level will be assessed. You will be asked about your preferences regarding the lessons and we will familiarize you with our teaching program and our teaching techniques (in particular our individual revision system on which teaching in Verbis is based). The details of your course including the first lesson will then be set.

How to choose the best course for you:

  1. Decide whether or not you can study on fixed days and times (Scheduled Polish) or if a flexible schedule of different days and times might be more appropriate. (Flexible Polish).
  2. Choose the course that you are interested in: Online Polish, Individual Polish, Intensive Polish, General Polish, Polish for Specific Purposes, Survival Polish, Polish in Poznan, Group Polish or ask us about the possibility of having a course tailor made just for you.
  3. Ask us here for the details of the course you have chosen and to determine the availability of day and time.
  4. Arrange a date for the short (approximately 45 minutes) and completely non-committal meeting specifying the course conditions.
  5. Arrange the date for your first lesson.
  6. Start speaking Polish!

At Verbis we guarantee:

  • qualified and experienced teachers of Polish as a foreign language;
  • the possibility of starting the lessons at any time;
  • the possibility of short contracts;
  • an individualized approach;
  • an individualized revision system;
  • an individual class schedule;
  • a variety of teaching materials – free of charge (excluding students´ book if required);
  • certificates of course start, finishing or on-going (on request);
  • homework proofread apart from lesson time (on request);
  • teaching control system: attendance reports, learning progress reports and tests (on request);
  • assistance in writing any texts in Polish (within lesson time);
  • free of charge proofreading of any documents and texts in Polish written by our students (within lesson time);
  • friendly and relaxed atmosphere.