Online lessons of Polish for foreigners

Please check out our efficient and convenient online courses!

Online lessons are conducted via Skype which can be downloaded safely and free of charge. The installation will take you approximately 5 minutes. Only a webcam and a good internet connection are required.

All of our courses are available online!

Online courses do not differ from the traditional in person course.

Advantages of online lessons:

  • You do not have to commute to the class nor do you have to pay for the teacher to come to you. The whole course costs less and you remain in the comfort of your home or office with a mug of your favourite coffee at hand.
  • You can study from almost any place in the world. This is particularly important if you travel frequently but still want to maintain regular lessons.
  • You will receive a copy of all of the materials required (apart from the students´ book if required) before or during the lessons via Skype or e-mail. The materials can be printed out or used directly on your computer screen during the lesson.
  • You will see all the notes given by the teacher during the lesson on Skype in real time. Taking notes during the lessons is not necessary as a record of all the lessons will be stored automatically in Skype memory. You will be able to return to your notes as many times as you wish; at any time and place.

Online courses step by step:

  1. Make sure that you meet the technical requirements: that the quality of your internet connection is good enough to conduct chats online, that you have a functional webcam and that you are a registered Skype user. You can download Skype safely and free of charge.
  2. Ask us for the course along with the dates and times you are interested in.
  3. Arrange the date and time for the short (approximately 45 minutes) and completely non-committal meeting specifying the course conditions and in the case of those of you who are already acquainted with the Polish language the teacher will determine your level. You will be asked about your preferences regarding the lessons and we will familiarize you with our teaching program and our teaching techniques and in particular the individual revision system on which teaching in Verbis is based. The details of your course including the first lesson will be set then.
  4. Arrange the date and time of your first lesson.
  5. Start speaking Polish!

When sending a request about Polish Online please do not forget to give us the following information:

  • course duration (when do you want to start the course and how long do you want it to last?);
  • class frequency (how many times per week do you wish to have lessons and how long do you want each class to last?) Remember that 60 minutes is the minimum required;
  • lesson dates (which days of the week and what times are you interested in?);
  • which course are you interested in? (Individual Polish, Scheduled Polish, Flexible Polish, Intensive Polish, General Polish, Polish for Specific Purposes, Survival Polish, Group Polish).

Check prices for Online Polish.

Enquire about the dates you are interested in.