Lessons of Survival Polish for foreigners

Polish for Beginners

60 lessons 45min or 45 lessons 60min

Survival Polish is a course for beginners at A0 level or who already have the basics of Polish. It is dedicated to anyone who wants to start speaking Polish quickly. It is adjusted both to students who will later decide to continue studying Polish as well as to those who will finish their Polish language adventure at this step. Lessons give students a basic knowledge of the language so that they will be able to communicate freely in everyday life situations such as: meeting new people, shopping, visits to restaurants, orienting themselves in a city, emergencies and many others. The number of lessons fits one term studying in standard mode.

During the lessons we focus on efficient communication. It is superordinate to being grammatically correct. However, students learn the basic Polish grammatical rules so that his/her use of the language is as correct as possible. It will also help you should you continue studying Polish.

In the lessons and according to the topic we familiarize you with different and interesting sociocultural aspects. You will learn what is well and not well seen in Poland. You will learn or discover for yourself how Poles differ from other nations and you will learn a lot of different issues that you as a foreigner may be surprised with.

We work mainly with teaching aids prepared by us.

You can participate in our Survival Polish course in the standard mode. However, we recommend choosing the intensive mode (minimum 3 meetings per week 90 minutes each or 5 meetings per week 60 minutes each). In addition to being more economical you will see results much faster.

When sending a request about Survival Polish please do not forget to give us the following information:

  • when do you want to start the course?;

  • which mode of studying are you interested in: intensive or standard one? How many times per week do you wish to have lessons and how long do you want each class to last? Remember that 60 minutes is the minimum required;

  • lesson dates (which days of the week and what times are you interested in?);

  • which course are you interested in? (Online Polish, Individual Polish, Scheduled Polish, Flexible Polish, Polish in Poznan, Group Polish).

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