Flexible lessons of Polish for foreigners

All of our courses are available in the flexible mode!

Flexible courses are for those students who, due to their life style, cannot have lessons on fixed days and at fixed times. The dates of the lessons are agreed upon from one lesson to another. It gives you the guarantee that you will not be obliged to pay for the lessons in which you were not able to participate. * You commit neither to any minimum number of lessons in a month nor to any minimum course duration. You study at your own pace and only when you have time. You can have 10, 5 or even only 1 lesson per month!

* Does not apply to late cancellations.

When sending a request about Flexible Polish please do not forget to give us the following information:

  • course duration (when do you want to start the course and how long do you want it to last?);

  • class frequency (how many times per week do you wish to have lessons and how long do you want each class to last?) Remember that 60 minutes is the minimum required;

  • lesson dates (which days of the week and what times are you interested in?);

  • which course are you interested in? (Online Polish, Individual Polish, Intensive Polish, General Polish, Polish for Specific Purposes, Survival Polish, Polish in Poznan, Group Polish).

Check prices for Flexible Polish.

Ask for the details.