About us

We have been conducting Polish language courses for foreigners since the school was founded in January 2009. Initially, the lessons were only offered at the offices and homes of our clients in Poznan and the surrounding area. We have since diversified adding online lessons which have become our main business focus.

What do we offer?

At Verbis we offer private individual lessons. Our focus is on the quality of teaching instead of the quantity. Our priority is a personalized approach to each of our students. It is only by offering individual lessons that we can fully adapt to the capabilities and preferences of each student. We always do our best to ensure that our students do not feel like they are part of a herd – you will discover this through our special revision system and our exercises and lesson materials that will be compiled especially for you.

Who teaches at Verbis?

By choosing us you can be certain that the lessons will be conducted by a Polish teacher who: is educated in this field and is pedagogically and methodically prepared for teaching (Master’s degree at the Faculty of Polish Language and Post Graduate Studies in the Teaching of Polish as a Second Language), has experience in teaching Polish as a second language and is a friendly person who likes his/her job and is devoted to it.

How do we teach?

Teaching communication skills is our top priority but we also ensure that the Polish spoken by our students is correct and most importantly, natural. We teach Polish as Poles use it in everyday life situations and this is something that you cannot always find in students´ books. During our lessons we simultaneously develop all the language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing with the emphasis on speaking.

Throughout the first year, course participants learn basic communication skills both spoken and written and are introduced to basic Polish grammar rules. After a year of systematic learning in standard mode (2x90minutes/week) the participant can freely communicate in all basic everyday life situations, such as: introducing himself/herself, mixing with other people, phone calls, shopping, asking for time and directions, visits to different public places (hotels, airports, railway stations, restaurants, shops, offices, banks, clinics, post office etc.). As the student moves on to the higher level courses, the scope of the vocabulary and the grammar is gradually broadened and lessons are for the most part devoted to the development of speaking skills.

We work with the latest students´ books designed for the study of Polish as a foreign language. We maintain a library of the vast majority of all Polish teaching materials, both past and present, available on the market. Moreover, we constantly follow all innovations in this area as well as producing our own materials. This wide base is constantly being enlarged as we continually compile new teaching aids in response to our clients’ needs.

When can you have the lessons?

We conduct lessons from Monday till Friday, from early morning till late evening hours. Classes at weekends are also offered.

How long does the course last?

As we want to have only satisfied clients we do not oblige you to sign any long term contracts. We guarantee that you will have a place with us as long as you are satisfied with our classes. By choosing us you risk nothing!

You are welcome at any time!