About me

Paulina Trąpczyńska

Master’s degree in Polish Philology: Faculty of Polish Language

Post Graduate Studies in the Teaching of Polish as a Second Language

10 years of experience teaching Polish as a foreign language

I have been teaching for as long as I can remember

When I was a child I loved playing at being a teacher. Back then I didn’t suspect that it was going to become my job. In fact, I started to teach professionally by coincidence. One day, when I was working in a language school office, a group of nice Germans came looking for some Polish lessons. The school did not have such in its offerings. I took pity on those people and I started to teach them myself.

As long as I can remember I have been studying

Apart from graduating from different faculties and fields of studies I have also been studying foreign languages for many years. The fact of the matter is that I have spent most of my life studying. Rest assured though, I promise that you will not need me for that long. I speak English and Spanish. I study German. In the past I also flirted with studying Italian. I don’t see you only from a teacher´s perspective. I understand perfectly well how it is to be a student, and also what it is like to be a student that has very little time for studying but wants or must start understanding and speaking a foreign language quickly.

I like my work

At present I teach online only but in the past I have taught in person as well. I have conducted individual and group lessons, both for individual and business clients. I co-operated with different language schools in Poznań for several years. I have taught Polish as a foreign language both in Poland and abroad in a Polish school in Madrid. Although the circumstances of my work have changed through all these years one thing has always remained constant, I want my students to speak Polish quickly and to come to my lessons with pleasure.

Thank you very much!